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Carsten B's Kleins

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I am in love with Klein bicycles. I especially love their awsome paintjobs. In this web page, I have gathered my favorite pictures of Kleins to share with you.

Unfortunatly my hardrive was fried and I lost thousands of pictures that I did not back up. I have added some of Aarons Kleins and made a Page for Carstens bikes. I will add only a few more pictures. Mr Moose of course. We need to share the penguins with everyone. The problem I have now is that I have reached the limit tripod gave me. I have over 20MB of Klein pics on this site. I cannot add anything withought deleting pictures. I will figure out what to delete in order to add the last few I need. Thanks for visiting. Oh yes, some good news: I finally own a Klein (well, its my second one actually, but I sold the first). It is a 97-98 Attitude with a nice custom paintjob. The frame has not seen a single part ever and will be built up as a 1x1 with plenty of purple to boot. Here is a pic of the frame:


None of these bikes are mine (except for this one ^ of course). If you see your bike on this page and want me to take it off, I will do so. Or, I can put your name under the picture if you would like. This site is just pure eye candy. Email me at TheRedMantra@netscape.net for questions or comments. Thanks for visiting; enjoy.

It sure aint a Koobi!
Ride hard...

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Last updated August 7, 2004